Sunday, 18 November 2012


  Dear friends all over the world. This updated information about the ongoing aggression on Gaza by Israeli occupied forces they:

- Carried out more than 1000 airstrikes on Gaza strip.

- Killing 50 Palestinian among the martyrs 14 children 

5 of them less than 1 year, 4 ladies one of them pregnant, 4 old men.

- Injuring more than 540 Palestinian among them 160 children, and 110 women and 25 old men.

The most dangers development as Almezan center mentioned "t it was confirmed that the IOF started to use the ‘roof-knocking’ tactic in attacking houses in Gaza. This tactic means that Israeli warplanes fire a rocket or more to pierce the roof of a house and then fire larger bombs or missiles at the houses after a few minutes. This tactic killed dozens of Palestinian civilians during Israel’s aggression in Gaza in the winter of 2008/09, and was condemned by international community".

What people in Gaza need right now from you? Your duty to act spread the knowledge create the awareness, help as much as you can providing hospitals by drugs and disposables ASAP. Secure food aid for the people who left their homes or their homes were destroyed.

Encik Muhammad Yusuf Hasna
Pegawai Hal-Ehwal Kemanusiaan OIC di Gaza

p/s:Klik utk tahu berita semasa gaza 

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